Roxanne Stoehr

Roxanne Stoehr is an instructor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Southeastern Louisiana University. Her research interests include Communication sciences, and Speech-Language Pathology/ Communication Disorders. She holds Masters of Communication Disorders from Louisiana State University. Stoehr is a Co-director of Mindfulness in Leadership Committee at Southeastern Louisiana University.

“The Hizmet Movement, to me, is one of the most interesting organizations that I’ve ever been personally involved in. I find it extremely progressive and open-minded and compassionate. The people that I’ve met have always been so gracious and warm and really loving. And everything that I’ve learned about it has been very positive for me. I think that it’s a powerful organization that’s doing a lot of good, really, all over the world, from what I understand. It’s opened my eyes and helped me understand so much more about Islam and about Turkey.”

“Fethullah Gülen seems to me to be one of the most intelligent and wise authorities on the planet right now, as far as I’m concerned. He is a moderate and compassionate voice of Islam. I consider myself a Christian, but all of the readings that I have done of Fethullah Gülen’s, I relate to what he’s saying. I’ve never read anything that makes me feel that he is saying that Islam is the only true religion, or that if you don’t believe in Islam, that you have a problem.”

“I feel that the Hizmet Movement and Fethullah Gülen himself represent a moderate and compassionate face of Islam… And I just have, I’ve met a lot of Muslims now, through the Hizmet Movement, and they are the face, for me, of what Islam is. Which is compassionate, loving, inclusive, and supportive people.”

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