Atlas Foundation believes that sincere dialogue and cooperation among people of different faiths and cultures promote an atmosphere of mutual trust, understanding, respect, and love – a critical challenge in today’s world.

Our Goals:
• To provide a forum in which the different faiths we share can be expressed and discussed in an atmosphere of trust, respect and understanding.
• To promote understanding among people of different faiths and cultures through panels, conferences and forums .
• To keep the connection with community through personal visits to churches and other religious institutions, civic and business leaders, and academic institutions in our area.
• To be aware of the needs of the community and help whenever possible through community service.
• To share the historical heritage and cultural mosaic of Turkey through trips and family visits.

“Atlas Foundation affirms such universal values as peace, love, forgiveness, mercy, and compassion as common points between Christians, Jews, Muslims, and those of other faiths. What unites us is greater than what separates, and belief in the oneness of God is the unity of religion. Through dialogue we may be able to rediscover those common ties that unite us in faith…”
-Catherine Eustis, former President of Atlas Foundation