Richard Saxer

Richard Saxer is a retired public school teacher. He has a masters degree in special education. Formerly he worked in adult literacy and with AmeriCorps. He has been part of Community Mediation Center in New Orleans since its founding. Prior to his teaching career, he was an ordained minister in the Episcopal Church.

“I’ve heard so much about Mr. Fethullah Gülen, and read some of the work about him, and by him, and seen interviews and videos by him and about him, and am so amazed and impressed with his model of service, his model of love, his model of reaching out for the best for all. He’s, he wants to integrate knowledge and wisdom and education and religion, and have people talk with each other, rather than turn their backs to each other and fight each other. Mr. Gülen, in my views, is a very saintly person, and is revered and honored by many people of all faiths.”

“The contributions of Hizmet to the common good include, I think, the most benefit is the overall ideal and model that it represents. The inspiration to serve others. Beyond that, there are very immediate goods that the Hizmet Movement does in providing education…Not only schools, but hospitals, newspapers, television, the media. Hizmet sponsors openness of communication and freedom of expression, and telling the truth about what’s going on.”

“I think the way for improvement for Hizmet is for more people to learn the truth about Hizmet and Mr. Gülen, and for people to experience Hizmet and service, and to be recipients of that kind of love and service that others have given. I think once one is the recipient of Hizmet, and, I think, once one has given Hizmet service to others, one would come to understand what a wonderful gift it is.”

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