Jane Mauldin

Jane E. Mauldin is a minister at Unitarian Universalist Church. She is a hospital chaplain for many years. She has her Doctorate of Ministry from Meadville /Lombard Theological School, Chicago. Prof.Mauldin was ordained and installed as minister of Second Unitarian in 1982.

“We may pray different words, and yet if God calls us to love one another, then you and I have much to share, and much good work to do in the world together. Hizmet has helped me understand this. A way of dialoguing with my millions and millions and millions of my Muslim brothers and sisters, in a way I never knew I could dialog before, and I am deeply grateful for this experience.”

“Hizmet’s emphasis on education is something that I am deeply impressed by, and something that truly draws me to Hizmet. Because a focus on education means we’re not afraid of minds. We’re not afraid of the life of the mind. We’re not afraid of our youth learning to think. That teaching our youth to think, opening their minds truly makes a good future possible. I am very impressed with the idea that education is the ground for the hope of the future.”

“I’m very impressed with Hizmet’s charity work, in their outreach to people all over the world. Their immediate response to disasters, wherever they may be. Not focused on the ethnicity or the religion of people in trouble, but simply focused on the need. The deep, human need. And I truly support and applaud the focus that Hizmet has on helping people in need, without strings attached.”

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