Alan Wolf

Alan C Wolf is a lawyer practicing in the area of business and finance. He is experienced in gas and electric utility matters and also practices in the areas of administrative law and energy law. He got JD from University of Alabama in 1971. He is former chair of the Electric Power Committee of the Natural Resources, Energy and Environmental Law Section. He is among America’s Leading Lawyers for Business as well as The Best Lawyers in America.

“I think Hizmet’s interfaith activities are vitally important in a world that is so riven by religious violence, and religious misunderstanding and conflicts between whole populations that are often fanned and manipulated by people who claim to have religious agendas. So for the Hizmet Movement to promote interreligous dialog is a antidote to the manipulation and exploitation of religion to separate people and to, in some cases, even promote agendas of racial and religious genocide.”

“I think that Hizmet has put its finger on ignorance as one of the fundamental causes of human impoverishment. Impoverishment of the spirit and impoverishment materially, impoverishment spiritually, and that it’s very practical for it to think of education as a ladder up for people, and to emphasize that as a fundamental method for social and political advancement.”

“Have met a wide variety of people here and in Turkey in Hizmet, and seen their activities, and there’s never been a single comment, action, or any evidence, after a great deal of exposure, that has suggested anything other than a true and sincere commitment to advancing the human race to all forms of prosperity as we understand them.”

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