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Blanket Drive for Syrian Refugees

×We raised $1860 for 186 blankets in around 3 weeks.

Atlas Foundation joined the relief effort by Embrace Relief to help Syrian refugees right around Thanksgiving. We invited Louisianans to contribute to the “Blanket Drive” to help Syrian refugees in Turkey before it got too cold. The tragedy of Syrian refugees is indescribable. Since winter is harsh, the most urgent need for them are blankets.

%186 Raised
186% Complete(success)


Quick Facts 

Estimated number of people in need of humanitarian assistance inside Syria:
13.5 million
In hard to reach/besieged areas:
4.5 million
Estimated number of internally displaced:
6.5 million
Number of refugees – registered & awaiting registration:
4.3 million
Lebanon:1.1 million · Turkey: 2.2 million · Jordan: 0.6 million
Iraq: 244,765 · Egypt & North Africa: 127,681

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